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Annabelle Grace Woodard  (Michael Scott)

Annabelle Grace Woodard

(Michael Scott

Owen Harrison

Owen Harrison


Morgan Haney


Steven Markropoulos

(Dwight & Others)

Anvita Gattani
Emily Boggs  (Phyllis & Others)

Kayla Moore

(Angela & Others)

Anvita Gattani

(Kelly & Others)

Emily Boggs

(Phyllis & Others) 

Dean Yurecka  (Creed & Others)

Dean Yurecka

(Creed & Others)

Morgan Haney  (Pam & Erin)
Isabela Gaya  (Female Swing)

Isabela Gaya

(Female Swing)

Ned Way  (Male Swing)

Ned Way

(Male Swing) 

post it, paper, paper clip
post it, paper, paper clip

Director- Donald Garverick

AuthorsBob & Tobly McSmith

Composer/Orchestrations- Assaf Gleizner

Music Director- Rita Posillico

Scenic Designer- Josh Iacovelli

Lighting Designer- Alex Stevens

Sound Designers- Brad Sievers/Mel Henry

Costume Designer- Dustin Cross

Production Stage Manager- Morgan Grant

Assistant Stage Manager- Han Coffman

Casting by Bradley Bemboom

Marketing Manager- Jeffrey Schmelkin

Creative & Management 

Kayla Moore  (Angela & Others)

The Cast

Steven Makropoulos as (Dwight & Others)
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